Vectaire’s WHHR-Midi/BYs have been successful in modular home installations.  Some of Vectaire’s MVHR range, they incorporate summer bypass and frost protection, and provide efficient, low-energy ventilation in homes up to 170m2.  The Midi-BY’s  heat exchange efficiency is up to 94% with SFP down to 0.50 W/l/sec.  Installation on walls, in cupboards or lofts is easy and models without humidistat have universal handing.  Operation is very quiet and running costs are low.  Trickle, boost and purge speed is variable choice at installation and commissioning is via an optional, integral or remote LCD unit.

To help alleviate noise and air pollution Vectaire Ltd has three new models in its vertical whole house heat recovery range.  The Midi, Maxi and Maxi Plus “BY-AT” models have integral acoustic attenuation – lined with superior sound deadening materials for really low sound levels – and tested by BRE.  Sound pressure levels are down to <5.0, <5.0 and 6.9 dBA respectively.  Installation is easy – no extras required – they are the quietest, lightest and smallest acoustic MVHRs on the market.  Efficiency, performance and economy remain the same as the standard models with heat exchange efficiency up to 94% (Midi),  92% (Maxi) or 89% (Maxi Plus).  “BY-AT” models have summer bypass and frost protection and commissioning is via an integral LCD.  Ventilation is quiet and efficient, and heat loss is kept to a minimum, providing a comfortable environment. They are SAP PCDB Listed.

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