Visit ARDEX at Professional Builder Live to talk about fast track building products

Come to the ARDEX stand to view and talk about the fast track building products that can help you build and repair sub floors and walls reliably and quickly. Including demos with:

  • ARDEX A 46 Repair mortar – A quick drying repair mortar sets in 30 minutes, without shrinkage and crack free for internal and external use.
  • ARDEX CA 20P – Bonds virtually every building material – even in wet conditions. Watch it bond tiles under water at the stand.
  • A 38 Rapid Drying Floor Screed – With standard screeds taking months to dry. We’ll be laying ARDEX A 38 each morning, ready to receive a final floor covering in the afternoon.
  • ARDEX WPC Waterproof Protection System – For watertight protection in wet rooms, showers and bathrooms.